Thursday, 11 August 2016



Most people who read my Blog will know its not just about Non League Football, but also giving to those small charities that need help through funding.

Last season, me and my wife Hazel picked 2 Charities, both had similar goals in that they aided homeless, vunerable and people with mental issues including ex Military.

With sponsoring 25p each goal we saw scored and doing raffles at several Precision Nottinghamshire Senior League Cup Finals, along with having the programme stall at several Groundhops and also clubs and supporters of the Non League Football game making donations, we raised a total of £1392.00 to which we topped up to £1400.00 which meant £700.00 per charity.

In June, we handed over a cheque for £700 to Integriras in Nottingham.

On Saturday, we went to the Foxton Centre's open fun day in Preston and met with several of the workers and users and had a good chat and learned more about their project to which it was a real good worth while cause. The Charity was delighted as in the photo above to be presented with the £700 cheque from the Blog and they would like to thank everyone along with us for their kind donations

More can be read about the Foxton Centre on this LINK

This year, we have selected a close to heart Charity to us as a family, as many of you are aware, our 12 year old son Shawn has autism and finds things sometimes hard to fit in, but he has settled in well at the 10th Mansfield Scout Group and has already been awarded with some badges.

 The group which is based in a underpriviliged area, are in need of some equipment as alot of it has gone well out of date and cant be used, so they are limited on what they can help the kids with, so we have chosen the scout group as its good and rewarding for Shawn and already we have over £400 raised, so if you or your company or club would like to make a donation, please see me around the grounds or email me on

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