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A quick facebook message at 10.30am to me was saying the referee for this match had been called in to work, so I mentioned my friend and former Football League Official Steve Cooke from Derby who had said he would help sometime, so after a message to him, he gladly agreed to come and ref the game to which before thee game donated his fee to the extra time charity project as today it was for a little girl who had been involved in a tragic accident and badly burned at just 18 months old. This was the second of a series of these pre season games and the second one Id attended. The first game was a bit one sided, this one was nowhere like that.

After Hazel dropped me off in Hucknall, I caught the tram across Nottingham and caught the number 9 bus right outside the train station which took me to Rushcliffe Leisure Centre where I got a cuppa and had a chat with several players.
Just before kick off, 2 hoppers appeared, one from Bolton and another from Blackburn for this 1.30pm kick off and bought there programmes for just a pound.

Whilst in the cubhoouse, a chap asked if I was with AC Wollaton and I told him I just attended matches and was on the committee of the Nottinghamshire Senior League and he turned out to be former Notts County player Dave Norton and he introduced me to Mark Draper who;s team named Team DNF have just been accepted into the NSL for next season.

The game kicked off for a hour each way game and Sneinton looked very quick and organised, whilst AC looked out of shape and Town were soon in a 3-1 lead, a couple of handbags appeared and th ref took the sting out the heat by asking for the player to be taken off until he had settled down, to which he did.

Half time came and the visitors were leading 3-2 and the gentleman John from Bolton bought me a cuppa before I bumped in to a chap from Calverton.

AC stepped up their game in the second half as the young Sneinton side began to tired and mistakes were beginning to take place and the goals began to pour, must add some excellent advantage decisions given as well by the experianced referee.

At the end of thee game, hand shakes all round by all players and officials and beer enjoyed in the clubhouse.

Photos from the match can be seen HERE

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