Monday, 6 June 2016


Extra Time Charity Pre Season Friendly Project
Admission Free
Glossy Programme £1

Well there was a big debate in my non league football facebook group to whether a game in June was the last game of te season or the first of the next, as far as Im concerned, all players become free agents and de-registered as of the 31st of May, so to me this was my first pre season friendly of the 2016-17 season..For those who arent members of my Non League Football Facebook Group please click HERE

Another question Im asked is how can a pre season match take place durin June, well the Extra Time Project was devised by AC Wollaton last season to help look at new players and keep up fitness levels and play games that raise money for local charities.

Well todays game was against a team called FC Saints, a newly formed team from Southglade in Nottingham and a fair few turned up to watch the game including Greg Osborne and his dad, Mr Macca senior, Simon Matters and a hopper who;s name ive already forgotten from Harlow.

The game itself was played in 2 x 50 minute halves and was one sided, not sure if was the fact that AC were very good and The Saints were poor, but the AC side had players who had played at a higher standard, whilst The Saints looked a very young side, but to be fair didnt give up.

The game began and after 4 minutes ASH ROBINSON hot a volley from the back post to open the scoring,  but AC were pegged back when The Saints equalised after 19 minutes, but that was as close as the game got.

The goals then reigned in like the speed of the Nottingham Trams, every few minutes, with GRIGGS making it 2-1 then WES BURKE hitting a low long shot that crept in the corner, much to his laughter, Id missed it in my camera! The managers son LUCA PIETRAFORTE made it 4-1 for half time.

In the Second Half, CORTNEY SAMUELS scored a couple, along with a solo goal from 15 year old RYAN ROBINSON, WES BURKE bagged a superb overhead kick before ASH ROBINSON finished off his hat trick.

Must did that Ref Jevon Swinscoe had a very good game and has donated his match fee to the Extra Time Project charity.

Photos from the game can be seen HERE

Wes Burke runs the PMG movement, PMG aims are unbiased and help support young lads into football and also has links with several professional football clubs like Leicester City and Sheffield United, in their first year they gained over 50 trails with pro clubs. ..PMG stands for Pass, Move, Grin.

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