Wednesday, 1 June 2016


For the 2015/16 season me and Hazel decided to split the amount raised by the Blog between 2 charities, one local to us in Nottingham and the other in Preston, Lancs. Both charities having the same aims and goals and that was to help and aid people with mental issues and Vulnerable people including ex military. We have saved 25p for every goal we have seen during the season.

This season thanks to a lot of clubs and hoppers and the help of the Precision Nottinghamshire Senior League, we reached a record amount raised of £1400, to which on 31st May 2016, we handed over the cheque of £700 to the Nottingham Charity "Improving Lives" who have altered their name recently from Integritas. The other £700 will be presented on Saturday 6th August to The Foxton Centre.

For the 2016-17 season, we have decided to sponsor the 10th Mansfield Scouts Group who are in real need of equipment as they are based in a under priviliged area. My son Shawn as many of you know has autism and he enjoys going to the Scouts every Thursday Evening but the group is reliant on funds coming in, so if any club, supporter would like to make a donation, please see me round the Grounds and we will be very grateful.

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