Sunday, 18 December 2016


Precision Notts Senior League
Division One
With Hazel meeting up with her daughter Sarah at Chatsworth House, I looked for a local match and this fitted the bill, just 2 buses away, but the second bus went round every housing estate I never knew existed. A quick breakfast in a little cob shop saw me bump in to Bill the Calverton MW FC joint Manager.

On arrival I was greeted by John Dawn the Chair and Secretary of Ashland Rovers FC and sat and drunk my cuppa and then had a chat with local referee Colin White,  whilst waiting for the team lines, Southwell City Secretary Gerard Law greeted me and wished me a merry christmas and bought me some mince pies.

The game kicked off and play flowed both ends of the pitch and how it was 0-0 at half time was a credit to both goalkeepers keeping their sides a clean sheet.

The Second Half kicked off and a back pass made its way to the home keeper who kicked the ball and it struck CALUM LAW who slotted the ball home after 46 minutes. On the hour, the game was level when a Southwell defender handled the ball to which ADAM MELLORS converted.

On 70 minutes, Ashland gained a corner which was swung in and the visiting keeper remained on the floor, after treatment he had to be rushed to the hospital, as his finger was the opposite way to all his others, I wish him a speedy recovery, five minutes earlier I had been chatting to the sub who I know is a keeper and I dont think he expected he was going to be called on.

This seemed to spur the visitors forward and at this stage their looked like there was only to be one side that was going to snatch a winner, how wrong was I to be, as after 88 minutes, Ashland Rovers were awarded a free kick on the right hand side and it was floated in and seemed to hit 3 players at least before dropping in to the net, half the team were patting AdamMellors and the other half MARK SUMMERS for the header, there is still doubt who got the last touch but Summers has claimed it and it turned out to be the winner in what was a very entertaining game.

Thought Ref Colin White had a good game, as there could well have been some flashpoints but he Stepped in and defused them straight away and spoke to the players on why decisions were being made, his experiance showed, even though some players may well disagree.

At the pub after the game, Ashland Rovers FC kindly donated £20 to the Charitys Blog which Id like to thank them for.

Photos from the match can be seen on this LINK

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